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PayorLink Employee Health Platform

PayorLink™ established in 2004 to provide comprehensive payor employer and provider managed employee health benefits infrastructure to small, medium and large payor organizations.

Rising employee health costs is a worldwide phenomenon and a growing concern for both payor companies and provider entities alike.

PayorLink™ is designed to reduce payor health cost, motivate staff productivity and optimize provider claims quality resulting from in part, information exchange efficiencies directly between payor companies and affiliate provider clinic, medical centre or hospital. Enhanced with Employee Health Profile and Assessment tools for staff wellness and productivity realization.

Besides comprehensively managing the medical claims aspects, PayorLink™ is used to monitor staff related processes. For example the number of working days lost as a result of illness for a department in a particular city to the total of all departments in different cities around the world; anytime, anywhere to the latest visitation. Whatever the company size, PayorLink™ provides the necessary tools and solutions.

"We find the affordability factor in containing cost of medical claims and placing control back to our HRM department through the provider important. Also now we get information and statistics on staff medical claims in realtime..." - HR Director, PayorLink EMPLOYER™ Account User

"Our group of clinics now value-add by providing client companies employee medical claims management services in addition to existing clinical and diagnostic services..." - Medical Doctor, PayorLink PROVIDER™ Account User

SignOn user accounts, ease of use, and automated processes ensure risk-managed continuing success for activated account PayorLink™ users Based on a low cost Pay-Per-Use model. Each registered staff visit; either Employer, Insurance or Provider on a low fee for an ultimate in cost containment on a transaction model.

Activate a PayorLink™ account and manage medical claims in real-time.



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